“The thought of giving birth is daunting at the best of times, but I truly believe that my birthing experience was so positive because of Crowborough Birthing Centre. Choosing a midwife led unit is not for everyone, but for me and my husband, one visit was all it took to know that we would be in safe hands. Every step of the way I felt safe, supported and not once did I question mine or my childs safety. Our midwife was incredible, the labour, albeit painful, was textbook and the aftercare was just what we needed: somewhere our new family could bond, rest and get much needed support. Thank you CBC.” ~¬†Kate Sergeant

“12/11/10….the date my first baby was born. My waters broke the night before and after an exam with the midwife I was sent home to wait for things to start…I phoned a few times in the early hours to ask advice and received fantastic help. I arrived at the centre just after 8 am and was taken straight into a birthing suite. I had previously requested a water birth, so the midwife got it started for me. I was offered has and air, which I didn’t like, so I stopped using it. Within an hour of arriving I needed to push, my sons heartbeat started to show signs of distress, so I was taken out of the water and my son was then born within minutes. The cord was around his neck and the midwives calmly dealt with this and then presented me with my son. The advice and care I received, before during and after was fantastic and I was calm throughout my entire birthing experience because of it. I was unable to use Crowborough for my second son, but if I was to have any more without a doubt I would want to return to Crowborough Birthing Centre.” ~ Liz Simmons

“I had both my daughters at CBC by water birth in 2005 and 2007. CBC is an absolutely wonderful place! The atmosphere makes you feel calm as soon as you walk through the door and the staff are kind, helpful, supportive and caring! I couldn’t ever imagine going anywhere else to have a baby and feel truly lucky to have experienced both of my births there! When my husbands parents came to visit they thought CBC was ‘private’ because of the care and attention I received and the intimate home from home atmosphere! I myself was also born at CBC and it is such an important place to so many people past and present! I highly recommend CBC to everyone due to my wonderful experiences there!” ~ Mandy Semark

“I have given birth at CBC and cannot thank them enough for the care and support that they have given me and my little one. A place in a million. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.” ~ Freya Monk

“I had my baby girl at Crowborough Birthing Centre five weeks ago, it was my first birth, and i am blessed that it was so relaxing due to the wonderful atmosphere and staff that couldn’t do enough for me, I couldn’t imagine having a birth any different..it was an amazing experience.” ~ Maria Potter

“I had my son at CBC in 2010 and I didn’t even consider giving birth anywhere else. I’ve always heard such good things about CBC and, as a first time mother, I wanted that home from home experience to help me to relax. All through my pregnancy, labour¬†and birth, the staff at CBC were incredible from my regular appointments with my midwife to the lady that brought me the most amazing toast I’ve ever tasted! I had a wonderful experience and CBC is a wonderful place, I can’t wait to go back one day!” ~ Sarah Blake

“I would firstly like to say how perfect my experience was when I had my youngest at CBC, I really couldn’t have asked for better care or midwife. In fact I miss being there! I would have loved to have my eldest there but because of the circumstances I could not. I am a fairly young mum and at 19 I gave birth at CBC. I really can’t get across how brilliant my birthing experience was, I felt so relaxed and calm, where as if I was in hospital my labour wouldn’t have gone as smoothly. I was amazed by the use of acupressure used on me which was brilliant. I could not thank the midwifes at CBC enough and I could not imagine what I will do if it closes. If I have another pregnancy I will definitely be going there!” ~ Elesia Parker

“Both my children were born there,we were looked after very well, staff were friendly and very professional,both births were easy and dare I say the experience was wonderful,it was at my pace and exactly how I wanted,the aftercare was first class, I would totally recommend anyone having a baby to go there!” ~ Penny Burch

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